Greetings Minoru Tomita President and COO Tomita Co., Ltd.

We were one of the first Japanese companies to respond to the hollowing of the domestic manufacturing industry and globalizing economy, and currently have 13 domestic offices and 18 overseas offices in nine countries (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and China) through which we are proactively developing our global business. The Japanese economy continues to face difficult conditions, but technological innovation in manufacturing will continue to accelerate and the world will only keep globalizing.

Tomita will always be among the first to acquire information about such trends. We will further develop our overseas business. In order to meet the more advanced and diversified globalized needs of our customers, we will evolve our products, proposals and services to a higher level through means such as providing production lines and other systems by entering business tie-ups with local engineering companies. We shall also meet the needs of our users by developing multiple outlets in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand and India.

Each and every one of Tomita's employees hopes to assist our customers and continue to transform and develop our company by "Providing our customers with value-added products and services."

We hope that you will think of Tomita for your production machinery needs and we ask for your continued patronage.