Business Contents

Tomita will always solve a customer's problems as if they were its own. We will make proposals that include the following products and services.

  • 1 Sales of machine tools, tools, machining equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, measuring instruments, robots and loaders, conveyor equipment, injection molding machines, modeling devices, forming machinery, painting equipment, and specialized machinery and devices
  • 2 ProvidingMRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations, indirect materials) parts
  • 3 Systems integration: design, production, proposals, recommendations;
    prices, delivery deadlines, specifications; safety, automation, labor reduction, energy conservation
  • 4 Providing information and consulting
  • 5 Sales of important products
  • 6 Export management: various procedures, packaging for export, domestic and overseas shipping, assigning and dispatching supervisors, foreign exchange
  • 7 Acquiring local standards from overseas offices
  • 8 Mediation for part machining
  • 9 Overhauling, retrofitting, and purchasing/selling second-hand items
  • 10 Operation instruction, maintenance and repairs and mediation for maintenance/repairs, production line modifications
  • 11 Mail order sales (through our affiliate Tool Mail Club Co., Ltd.)
  • 12 Insurance sales (through our affiliate Tomita Family Co., Ltd.)