Tomita has been assisting Japan's manufacturing industry for over 100 years from its headquarters in Ginza.
In the present age of globalization, Tomita is helping the manufacturing industry develop around the world.

May 1911 Founded as Tomita Shoten.

Founded as Tomita Shoten.

August 1919 Reorganized as an incorporated company.
April 1943 Established Tomita Tool Co., Ltd.

Established Tomita Tool Co., Ltd.

July 1947 Opened the Osaka Sales Office (current Osaka Branch).
February 1962 Opened new headquarters building (Ginza).

Opened new headquarters building (Ginza).

August 1969 Opened the Nagoya Sales Office (current Nagoya Branch).
April 1970 Headquarters Sales Department (Omori) building opened.
January 1971 Opened the Oyama Sales Office (current Tochigi Sales Office) and Atsugi Sales Office (current Kanagawa Sales Office).
July 1979 Opened the Hokuriku Sales Office.
July 1980 Opened the Saitama Sales Office.
April 1982 Opened the Numazu Sales Office (current Shizuoka Sales Office).
October 1984 Established Tomita U.S.A., Inc. (U.S.A.)
May 1985 Listed in the OTC market (changed later to JASDAQ).
Capitalization increased to 397.5 million yen.
November 1985 Opened the Kofu Office (current Yamanashi Office).
October 1988 Opened the Shikoku Sales Office (current Shikoku Office).
March 1991 Established Tomita U.K., Ltd. (U.K.)
April 1995 Established Tomita Asia Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
April 1999 Established Tomita Canada Inc. (Canada)
August 2000 Opened the Tomita U.S.A., Inc. (Alabama Branch).
June 2002 Opened the Ibaraki Office (current Ibaraki Sales Office).
July 2002 Opened the Fukuyama Office (current Chugoku Office).
October 2003 Established Tomita China Co., Ltd. (China)
July 2005 Established PT. Tomita Indonesia.
June 2007 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
January 2008 Opened the Tomita U.S.A., Inc. (Indiana Branch).
March 2008 Opened the Sendai Office (current Tohoku Office).
July 2008 Opened the Tomita U.K., Ltd. (Durham Branch).
October 2011 Opened the Tomita Asia, Co., Ltd. (Chonburi Branch).
July 2012 Established Vietnam Tomita Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
December 2012 Established Tomita Mexico, S.DE R.L.DE C.V. (Mexico)
September 2013 Established Tomita India PVT. LTD. (India)
April 2015 Established the Sales Management Division.
Established the East Japan Sales Department.
Established the Chubu/West Japan Sales Department.
The Overseas Department was renamed the Overseas Sales Department.
August 2015 Opened the TOMITA MEXICO,S.DE R.L.DE C.V. (Queretaro Branch)
April 2017 Opened the Vietnam Tomita Co., Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh Office)
June 2017 Opened the Tomita India PVT. LTD. (Gujarat Branch)
January 2019 Opened the Tomita U.S.A., Inc. (Georgia Branch)
September 2021 Opened the Tomita India PVT. LTD. (Bengaluru Branch)
October 2021 Opened the Tomita U.S.A., Inc. (Kentucky Office)
April 2022 Listing moved to Standard Market through reorganization of Tokyo Stock Exchange markets.